Why you should upgrade to WordPress 3.6

Good news for WordPress blogger and fans ,Finally the long awaited version of  WordPress i.e “WordPress  3.6 -OSCAR”  has been released.  You can download the new release now from WordPress.org/Download (it’s 5.2MB) or automatically update it from your DashBoard.

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As you all know that every version of WordPress is named after after a jazz musician and this time too is no differnet and  WordPress Version 3.6 Aka Oscar  is  named after the jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

Why you should upgrade to WordPress 3.6

If you want to enjoy new features of WordPress and want to increase security of your blog then  I would recommened all of you to  upgrade WordPress Version 3.6. But Before upgrading to WordPress 3.6  dont forget to do a full backup of you databse and contents.

Some of the new features which we are going to see in WordPress 3.6 Are Twenty Thirteen theme,Revamped Revisions,Built-in HTML5 media player,Post Locking And Autosave,Login Notifications And Improved Menu Customisation.

Features of WordPress 3.6

1. Twenty Thirteen Theme- New Default WordPress 3.6 Theme


Twenty Thirteen is the new default theme of WordPress 3.6.  It is a Bold, Beatuiful and Responsive theme that takes complete advantage of the new Post Format structure and  all new features of WordPress 3.6.

2.Built-in HTML5 Media Player In WordPress 3.6

media-player-wordpress-3.6,Upgrade To WordPress 3.6,

With the help of Built-in HTML5 Media Player,now we dont have to install any third party plugin for embeding Video Or Audio in our blog. Now when you upload a video/Audio  file into the media gallery, you havethe  option to embed the video or audio file  right onto your page using Built-in HTML5 Media Player. Pretty cool, huh? 😀

3.Post Locking In WordPress 3.6

post-locking-wordpress,upgrade WordPres 3.6

I am sure many bloggers like me will be feeling very happy to see this feature in WordPress fianlly. Post Locking is a boon for those bloges in which more than a single author is working on a post. Now, when You are working on a post, then no one else will be able to touch it.

4.Improved Autosave Feature in WordPress 3.6


Autosave  feature has been improved , and now you dont have to worry about loosing content when working on a post.WordPress now utilizes your browser’s storage as well as WordPress database to save revisions.

Every few seconds the content you create will be automatically saved so when you reopen that tab you will see a line notifying you that there is an autosave available.

5.Improved Menu Customization


WordPress 3.6 comes with a new and simpler user interface to create and edit menus for your website. Drop-down lists are now used to select which menu to edit, which in previous versions was done by clicking on a tab specific to each menu.

6.Compare Post Revisions In WordPress 3.6

Post-Revisions-wordpress-3.6,upgrade to wordpress 3.6

In WordPress 3.6 you can compare the latest version with a previous one or compare any two revisions of your post or page. The new  interface allows you to scroll easily through changes to see line-by-line who changed what and when.

So These were some of  the Features of WordPress 3.6. Have You upgraded to WordPress 3.6?Please Let me know your thoughts and experiences and do share this with your friends.

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