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CrakRevenue Unleashes the Survey Machine

QUEBEC CITY — CPA network CrakRevenue is pleased to unveil its latest creation: Survey Machine! Inviting affiliates from all around the world to boost their revenue while collecting valuable data doing so, this state-of-the-art tool is the real deal.

What better way to engage an audience than asking them to answer simple questions about what they actually enjoy? Such is the premise between Survey Machine. Affiliates can create surveys tailored to their sites by customizing everything from colors to templates in order to create a truly unique experience.

“Survey Machine is a real evolution and the most advanced tool to engage your traffic,” said Stephanie Bedard, Products Business Manager at CrakRevenue. “With their soft approach to advertising, surveys appeal to more people, thus delivering a higher conversion rate than other methods. We have no doubt that Survey Machine will prove to be a hit among affiliates who are looking for a fresh option to generate money online with their traffic.”

Better yet, this tool makes it easy to create quizzes, polls, feedback forms and more. Affiliates get to choose which rewards they want to include. On the other hand, advertisers can also use this tool to great effect by receiving traffic from CrakRevenue’s affiliates.

Visit the official Survey Machine website to learn all the details.

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