What is the Future of Social Media agencies?

A recent study about the future of social media predicts that digital marketing agencies will no longer survive within 10 years. The agencies you see on boom today will disappear which might shock some, and make others happy.

As we see the trend today, the technology is changing day by day, and a single technology cannot survive in this era for longer time. Keeping this in mind, the projection seems to be quite accurate.

Future of Social Networking

According to a survey, in 10 years, marketing focus will shift to PR thinking and content marketing. Besides that, a focus on building trust with clients and brand recognition will stay the same. Out of 2000 marketing students that participated in the survey, 80% believe the termination of the Social media Marketing service organization in the coming years.

Other prominent study survey finding is that 70% of the participants believe that TV advertising has the tendency to survive in 10 years. Along with that the shift of advertising will change the trend towards entertainment rather than selling. Besides that, the concept of true digital natives will no longer exist. As the phenomena of such thing can only survive among the current generation.

Future Of FaceBook And Twitter

77% believe out of all social media, Facebook might survive due to the changes the platform keeps on coming. Facebook has the ability to stay for the long run because of its technological advanced strategy. For 60% participant, Twitter is nothing more than an advertising platform. A large segment of participants is looking forward to welcome a huge change in terms of marketing.

Since social media is based on websites, then ranking of each will play the major role. With so much information, one gets confused to figure out what to do and what not to do. You might have come across tips and advice from many so called experts online. Unfortunately, none of these tips can help you bring your website ranking up. These experts might also shift to other platforms.

The projection made keeping in view the survey results seems believable. We believe that after 10 years, things will be on the unknown level. As of today, multichannel and integrated marketing are not enough to be a part of social media stores alone.

Why Future Of  Social Media Is In Danger?

Mainly two reasons have come to our attention. One is companies are offering many services related to marketing other than social media. Another reason is that marketing effort made today related to social media are not enough to be alone.

TV will never go away from our side as observed in the past years. The technology within this area keeps on changing, but TV is still a medium that generates most viewership. For advertising purposes, TV advertising will continue to grow and stay as an effective medium. In terms of a cost-effective advertising platform, Twitter remains to be seen as an essential platform. To communicate worldwide, Facebook will still be used as a primary channel. However, it may constrain the user types to teenagers only, which can be a point of concern for Facebook Management.

What other words would you use to describe the future of social media ? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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