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BinderPOS Review: Best Hobby Store Ecommerce Solution

Today I have something a little bit different to talk about.

Some of you may know I’m a geek who loves trading card games and board games.

What you may not know is that I run an online store selling both. And for years, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect game store ecommerce solution.

Not too long ago, while doing a routine Google search, I was lucky enough to stumble upon BinderPOS.

Here’s why it might be a game changer for you (pun intended).

What is BinderPOS?

BinderPOS is an ecommerce platform tailored to hobby store owners.

It allows merchants to sell products both online and in-store by leveraging the power of Shopify, one of the best ecommerce solutions in the world.

Here’s some of the features included in BinderPOS:

Magic: The Gathering singles database

No one’s got time to upload 30,000+ products into their store. The team behind BinderPOS knows this and that’s why their product comes with a complete singles database for the popular trading card game.

Here’s a preview of how it actually looks like taken from my own store:

binderpos mtg singles database

You can filter cards by sets, types, colors and rarities. You can also choose to sort by price, name, best selling and more.

Custom pricing

Imagine having to manually change the prices of singles in your inventory. That would be a real headache!

BinderPOS uses a complex algorithm that fetches prices from popular sources and generate its own, custom price point.

Too cheap? Too costly? You can set a multiplier and adjust your prices to better suit your needs.

Events management

Every serious store owner in the hobby business knows how important events are to generate customer loyalty.

Thankfully, BinderPOS has a complete events management built-in for you to use.

A nice little touch is how different games show up with their own icons on the calendar.

It helps a bunch if you only care about Pokemon as a player, for instance.

binderpos events manager

How much does BinderPOS cost?

Currently still in beta, BinderPOS is priced $99 USD per month.

Popular ecommerce solutions for hobby stores are few and far between. The only other one I can think of is CrystalCommerce, and they charge you $1,000 minimum for bad-looking templates (sorry!).


Why BinderPOS is great?

I’m honestly just glad someone had the courage to go against monopolies like CrystalCommerce and TCG Player (USA only).

Building an ecommerce solution for hobby stores is certainly no easy task, but the developers behind BinderPOS are genuinely looking to shake things up in this industry.

Not everyone will like the fact it uses Shopify as a backend, but honestly, it’s for the better.

Shopify easily integrates into a point of sale (POS) system, making it easy to use BinderPOS online and in-store.

I love how fast I can add or remove inventory. The premium theme included with every new store looks nice.

As an added bonus, the devs keep pumping out new features and will listen to your feedback. This is important as every store is unique!

What is missing from BinderPOS?

Now even though I’m using this solution for my online store, it’s not perfect either.

For one, it misses a few features you’d expect in a modern store experience, namely upsell alerts and store credit.

The last one in particular is huge and I’m glad it’s being worked on.

I also think the buylist system could be a bit better, right now it’s only a message sent to the store’s contact email which is far from optimal.

I know lots of stores uses this method, but it gets confusing fast when you start receiving dozens of emails per day.

Other missing features include Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! singles, but the BinderPOS team is hard at work to integrate them.

And since the developers use Shopify, you can install any free or premium app you want. Most should be fine with BinderPOS, but you can easily reach their

support team and ask just in case you might break something – which is doubtful.

Final Words

I was expecting much from BinderPOS.

As a customer and store owner, I can say without a doubt that it’s shaping up to be a big hit.

Hobby store owners looking for a great ecommerce solution need not look further: BinderPOS delivers on all fronts.

I had specific challenges like wanting to build a bilingual store and they delivered without hesitation.

They don’t charge you extra for every feature you ask. They want you to be satisfied with their product. Of course this might change once they’re out of beta, but my experience has been nothing short of stellar… even taking into account the 16-hour time difference (they’re from New Zealand).

Give one of their partner stores a look under “Clients” on their official website.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve been blown away by the easy of use and support for this product.







  • Huge singles inventory with variants
  • Events manager built-in
  • Custom pricing
  • Affordable solution
  • Excellent support


  • Buylist system needs work
  • Lots of features MIA (beta)

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