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Hello Friends,Welcome to WPSeoTricks About  Page and here you will get one step closer to WPST. I  strongly belive in “Sharing Is Caring” and  On 8th- June-2013 I  Finally created WPSeotricks  community so that i can share Blogging,WordPress ,Social Media And SEO Tricks with my fellow Readers.

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Here I Will Be Covering  The Following Topics:


My Name is Deepak Panwar. and I have been working in the Internet Marketing field for past five years. I live in New Delhi,India and loves to educate the masses on WordPress, SEO and Web Development. You can hire me for blog consultancy or web development services.

If you ever want to contact me for anything, just Contact me through this form.

You Can Also Ping me on FaceBook,Twitter And Google Plus. I’ll try my best to reply asap, and if I’m not replying back, kindly ping me back. Happy Bloggin!!

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