boston mike

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this page.

My name is Mike and I’ve been an affiliate since 2008. Pleased to e-meet you!

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from building websites using Angelfire (yes, I’m old!) when I was a teenager to writing quality content, optimizing for SEO and stuff like that.

I’ve always had a keen interest for entrepreneurship, especially online.

A decade ago, I found BlackHatWorld – that was my true catalyst.

The Goal Behind

I’ve decided to share my knowledge about this incredible industry through blogging so you, too, can make money online.

There are literally countless blogs out there that will teach you about SEO & Marketing.

However, I plan to do so with a unique twist that will be easily understandable even for beginners.

Let’s not forget that before hitting it big time and turning your passion into a passive income, a lot of effort is required – just like any business!

I hope you will find my blog useful on your journey to become an amazing affiliate marketer!

More About Me and My Passions

Writing has always played a huge role in my life.

I have a bachelor’s degree in translation and a certificate in creative writing.

I consider myself an avid gamer. Don’t hesitate to share this passion with me!

I enjoy reading, board games and soccer, too.

What about YOUR passions? Hit me up at admin@affiliatenova anytime (unless you’re a spammer, that is. Don’t need the pills, man!)

If I’m not available immediately, I’ll make sure to answer ASAP.

This is first and foremost a human blog. So let’s get that networking goin’!